Alison's PantsCam

You've always wanted to get into Alison's pants.  Now you can do it from the convenience of your own room, through a novel web interface!  Thanks to incredible new technology developed by the experts at, you can now see what's going on in Alison's pants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The heart of the Alison PantsCam is a PC/104 compliant single board computer (SBC). Manufactured by Tri-M Systems, the computer is a low-power 486DX5-133 CPU, complete with a C&T 65550 LCD controller, 4 TTL digital inputs, and a dual card PCMCIA module.  Together with its rechargeable 12-volt power supply, the unit weighs less than 800 grams.

The PCMCIA module on the PC/104 stack contains two cards, a Nogatech Capture Vision™ video capture card and a WaveLAN Silver™ wireless ethernet card from Lucent Technologies.  The WaveLAN card takes advantage of Carnegie Mellon University's Wireless Andrew initiative to provide the PantsCam system a wireless connection to the internet at a speed of two megabits per second.  The video capture card is connected to small battery-powered CCD camera.
The PC/104 system is running the Windows NT operating system and the Apache/1.3.14 web server, along with a custom server application written in C that uses the Microsoft Video for Windows (VFW) API to grab images from the frame buffer, write them to disk as JPEG files at 160x120 resolution, and upload them to every five seconds.
The entire assembly is strapped to Alison's belt and the camera is inserted in her pants, providing the entire world a constant live video feed of her underwear.  A client-side Java applet automatically refreshes the images of Alison's pants and provides a simple chat interface for site visitors to discuss recent PantsCam developments.

Take a look at the Alison PantsCam!